"Eastward dwells the Old One in Ironwood,
And there gives birth to Fenrir's brethren;
There shall spring of them all a certain one,
The moon's taker in troll's likeness.
He is filled with flesh of fey men.
Reddens the gods' seats with ruddy blood-gouts;
Swart becomes sunshine in summers after,
The weather all shifty. Wit ye yet, or what?"

XII Gylfaginning/Prose Edda


from farvel Miðgarðr, released March 1, 2014
All music - Norðr
Spoken words on "XII" (from XII Gylfaginning/Prose Edda) - Norðr
Album Photo (Norwegian Fjord Seagull, 2011) - Ashlie Nebula & Norðr



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Norðr is a Pagan Metal project based out of Saskatchewan, Canada.

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